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Writer/Directer Tommy Stovall has done an incredible job here in bringing the best out of some star cast members and joining them together seamlessly with some of the most incredible, breathtaking ariel and cinematic ground shots of Sedona itself. The story is so much fun, so light-hearted, and with the added elements of drama, comedy, and even a little bit of mystery, all the acting is excellent. 'Sedona' is a true feel-good story and one that you will enjoy. And trust me here, it WILL make you want to visit Sedona.
Russell Trunk, Exclusive Magazine

Fisher achieves marvelous depth as a headstrong businesswoman embracing her gentle, vulnerable side. Peterson is intense as a dad who realizes he wants his son to be happy, not  perfect. The plot is skillfully woven with synchronicities and flashbacks. Soaring cinematography brings Sedona and its quirky citizens to life. Filmed in just 21 days, Sedona is a gem in the rough.
Martine Joseph, Moviespirit

'Sedona' provides a heartwarming, easygoing film with an amazing cast. If you have ever pondered a trip up north to the red rocks, Sedona: The Movie provides a humorous preview of what you can find. All you have to do is look for it.
William Pierce,

[Tammy & Scott] are caught up together in one of those mircacles for which Sedona is famous. A charming and inspiring film.
Light of Consciousness Magazine

Sedona - Christopher Atkins and Frances Fisher

Sedona - Seth Peterson and Matt Williamson

Stunning cinematography, two skillfully interwoven storylines, convincing performances by a talented cast, and a fantastic portrayal of two loving, supportive gay parents that makes their sexuality a complete non-issue. Even if you've never had your chakra cleansed and a lotus is nothing more to you than a pretty flower, this mystical-flavored indie sends out enough good vibes to put a smile on your face, and perhaps even prompt you to search for a bit more meaning in your own life.
Jason Buchanan, TV Guide

It's a film that everyone in our modern-daystress-filled society could benefit from viewing and being pleasantly surprised by. It is funny and entertaining; and the cinematography is stunning. How could anyone go wrong with the red rocks,"vortex energy" and all?
Maria Hoaglund,

Clearly a family film in the best sense, one boasting an affable cast, a basic, humane screenplay, and serviceable helming, it s proof that sometimes that s all you need.
Brandon Judell, Culture Catch

Credit for simply creating Scott and Eddie as two more characters in a film. He doesn't go out of his way to draw attention to their sexual orientation; nor does he shy away from it. It simply exists.
Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic

Truly lovely! A feel-good movie that captures the heart and spirit of Sedona. The perfect movie to watch with the entire family.
An Angel's Kiss

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