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About Sedona - Seth Peterson

About Sedona

Set among the famous red rocks and vortexes of mystical Sedona, Arizona, Sedona is a soul-searching adventure about the profound personal transformations experienced by a powerful advertising executive and a stressed-out lawyer over the course of one life-altering day.

Successful ad woman Tammy is travelling from Portland to Phoenix to meet a big potential client when she's run off the road by a small airplane making an emergency landing. At first infuriated by the eccentric locals, she gradually begins to suspect that she may have ended up in Sedona for a reason as she waits for the local mechanic to repair her car and faces her difficult past for the very first time. Meanwhile, amidst the towering red boulders, workaholic lawyer Scott, his partner Eddie, and their two sons embark on a hiking trip that turns unexpectedly tense when seven-year-old Denny disappears into the sun-scorched landscape. As Scott searches frantically for his missing son, he realizes that his priorities have somehow gotten all mixed up and he begins to put his life into some much needed perspective. As night falls, both Tammy and Scott find their skepticism about Sedona fading with the setting sun.

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